2013 CCWC Now Accepting Entries!

Online entries for the 2013 Central Coast Wine Competition are available now through May 24, 2013.

Click here to enter the 2013 CCWC online

Why EVERY winery in the Central Coast AVA should enter the 2013 Central Coast Wine Competition:

  1. The Central Coast Wine Competition staff is fun and provides excellent customer service.
  2. The 2013 competition features a prestigious panel of internationally renowned judges, including Doug Frost, Dan Berger, and Madeline Triffon.
  3. Gold medal winners are showcased at not just one venue but five- the California Mid-State Fair, Monterey County Fair, San Benito County Fair, Santa Barbara County Fair, and the Ventura County Fair.
  4. The 2013 competition will offer an enhanced marketing element for award winning wines through publicity in renowned food and beverage publications, promotions at participating Albertson’s stores, and exclusive pouring events, offering valued publicity and exposure.
  5. Our Gold Medal Tour promotion will be back again will offer incentives for consumers to visit wineries and tasting rooms of gold medal wines.
  6. Unknown and unrecognized wines receive the opportunity to receive recognition and publicity through blind tasting and innovative changes such as the division of the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon classes, which create opportunities for more wines to receive acknowledgment.
  7. Competition publicity, including results, are released to print and news publications throughout California and the United States.
  8. Entries are accepted online and by mail for winery convenience.
  9. The California Mid-State Fair hosts a tasting following the competition for industry professionals from wineries, restaurants and retail establishments to sample all entries, including medal winners and best of class wines.
  10. The Central Coast Wine Competition is the largest evaluation event for Central Coast wines, featuring over 600 wines.

Click here to enter the 2013 CCWC online

Access the official competition handbook, which outlines entry classes and guidelines, here.    http://www.prpcodigital.com/250901CalMidstateFair/

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