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2022 Results

2022 Judges

The fourteenth annual Central Coast Olive Oil Competition, hosted by the California Mid-State Fair and in partnership with the Lodi Grape Festival, will take place in the fall of 2022 and feature olive oils produced from across the state of California.

The overall goal of the Central Coast Olive Oil Competition is to provide a venue for California olive oils to be professionally judged and to educate consumers regarding the quantity and styles of olive oil produced in California. Judges are qualified based on their experience in using olive oil in cooking, education and production.

Olive oils are separated into two categories: extra virgin and flavored extra virgin olive oil. The categories are then separated into classes by varietal. After several years of judging the organic and conventional oils separately, this year they will be judged together. The awarded organic oils will be noted as being organically produced.

The panel of competition judges, who are from all over the state of California, evaluate each entry according to aroma, taste, and intensity, ranging from delicate to robust.

Questions: exhibits@midstatefair.com

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2022 Downloadable Award Artwork: Best of Show Best of Class Gold Silver Bronze

We recommend clicking the needed award to open it then right-clicking and using “Save Image As,” which will allow your browser to do the work and will place the PNG’s in the folder you select to save it in.

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10 thoughts on “Olive Oil”

  1. When will we receive the award ribbons and the opportunity to buy the award stickers?

  2. This looks intriguing. I might have to check out this EVOO competition.

  3. Bryan Mylar said:

    I understand that because of the Covid situation, judging for the 2020 olive oil competition has been delayed until fall. Would you please notify me when you will be accepting entries?
    Thank you so much!

  4. Rosalie Schultz said:

    Please notify me when the competition is being rescheduled in 2020. Thank you.

  5. How do we view the 2020 winners for bottle label, packaging act?

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