2022 Competition Results Booklet

2022 Official Results

2022 CCWC Downloadable Award Artwork:

Best of Show Best Dessert Best Pink Best Red Best Sparkling Best White

Best of Class Double Gold Gold Silver Bronze

2021 Results Booklet

2021 Official Results


2020 Official Results

Download the 2019 Results Booklet

2019 Official Results

2018 Official Results

2017 Official Results

2016 Results – Packaging Competition

2016 Official Results

2016 Results – Best of Class Winners

2015 Official Results

2014 Official Results

2013 Official Results

2012 Official Results

2011 Official Results

8 thoughts on “Results”

  1. Where can I find the 2013 results??

  2. Stillman Brown said:

    Tick tock!

  3. Mike Kirkpatrick said:

    How do we get the results for the label portion of the contest?

  4. Hello! When will you announce the results of the 2022 competition?

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