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JUNE 29, 2016, PASO ROBLES, CA – On June 15, 2016, the California Mid-State Fair hosted the packaging contest component to the Central Coast Wine Competition, Central Coast Olive Oil Competition, Central Coast Vinegar Competition and the newly established California Craft Spirits Competition. This year’s competition consisted of over 880 entries from a total of 214 wineries, olive oil producers, vinegar companies and distilleries throughout California. Each entry was judged in the 2016 Packaging Competition in which judges were asked to evaluate many aspects of the product’s outward appeal.

The criteria for judging included bottle and label design along with evaluation of innovation, artistic, untraditional and many more aspects that contributed to the overall packaging. The competition featured the best the Central Coast has to offer in wines, olive oils, vinegars and spirits in the largest evaluation of these products in the Central Coast region.  Two Moons Wines of Templeton was awarded Best Brand Series and Best of Show. “We place a great deal of thought when developing a brand, from the look of the label to the overall style of the complete package,” stated Neil Roberts, owner and winemaker of Two Moons.  “With so many choices in the market place for the wine consumer, finding a look that will help introduce a new buyer to our product is essential.”

The panel of three judges, noted entries had “unique use of label material” while others were selected for their “simple elegance” and “modern font and deign aesthetic.” Judge Jon Elkins of stated “It is amazing to see the imagination and work that goes into a label and hard to judge one’s artistic endeavor against the others,” said Judge Jon Elkins. “I was happy to see such a variety of style, form, and packaging represented.” Award winning entries will be showcased in Estrella Hall daily at the California Mid-State Fair July 20 through July 31, 2016. For more information, please visit our website at