2018 Central Coast Olive Oil Competition Results

April 19, 2018, Paso Robles, California – The Central Coast Olive Oil Competition has released the results of the 2018 competition. With over 130 olive oils entered from across California, Rio Bravo Ranch hailing from Bakersfield and Molefina from right here in Creston emerged as the producers of the best of show entries.

The competition featured premier oils produced across California. Past participants along with new joined in raising the entry count to 137 entries and 52 farms. Both up from 2017.

Olive oils were separated into four categories: extra virgin, flavored extra virgin, organic extra virgin, and flavored organic extra virgin olive oil. The categories are then separated into classes by varietal. The panel of competition judges, who are from all over the state of California, evaluated each entry according to aroma, taste, and intensity, ranging from delicate to robust.

Thank you to our chief judge Arden Kremer and cast of judges for another great competition; Brigit Binns, Franco Dunn, Fran Gage, Lawrence Jacobs, Michael Laukert, Nancy Lilly, Julie Menge, Sandy Sonnefelt and Wendy Winters.

Award winners will be showcased during the 2018 California Mid-State Fair, July 18 – 29, and at the 2018 Lodi Grape Festival, from September 13 – 16.

Click HERE for the full press release and other information.

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