Commencement of the 2015 Gold Medal Wine Tour!



This past month, the Central Coast Wine Competition took 600 wines from 130 different wineries to rank the best wines of the Central Coast. Now it is time to honor the highest acclaimed wines with the Gold Medal Wine Tour. 30 Gold medal-winning wineries are on the map, all with QR codes ready and available for scanning at their respected wineries.

The 4th annual Gold Medal Wine Tour creates an opportunity to increase tasting room traffic for all the Central Coast Wine Competition participating wineries. This marketing promotion uses PRP Companies technology with QR codes and the 92.5 The Krush’s radio muscle to generate one of the coolest off-site ticket promotions ever. Visitors will be able to experience the wines that achieved outstanding distinction from the 600 wine entries.

Tasting Room guests participate in the Gold Medal Wine Tour by simply using their smartphones to scan a QR code (similar to a bar code) of a display poster at the wineries’ tasting rooms. The scans will be tracked by the Central Coast Wine Competition, awarding participants with three different Gold Medal winery codes a free admission ticket to the 2015 California Mid-State Fair. So if you like wine, and want the opportunity to enjoy some jumbo corn dogs this summer, come check out some of these Gold Medal Wineries.

Map of Wineries

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