How to Enter

Each individual competition has its very own handbook with their specific rules and regulations along with dates and other information. Please make sure to go through those first before registering. You can find them on their individual pages. See above tabs.

Once you are ready to register either in the Central Coast Olive Oil, Wine or Vinegar Competition you can go to:

For the California Craft Spirits Competition please follow this link:

Make sure to follow the numbered steps at the top for a sure fire easy registration process.


All of the competitions will adhere to the State Rules of the California Department of Food & Agriculture Fairs & Expositions Branch

13 thoughts on “How to Enter”

  1. Hi, is there contact information for the competition? We want to verify whether or not we’ve already entered.

  2. Hello, what are the hours to drop off a wine entry? We will be driving up from Ventura and want to make sure someone is there to receive it.

    Also we would like to enter a 100% Mourvedre would that be division 34?
    thank you for your reply in advance

    • Wine Drop off for the Central Coast Wine Competition is between Tuesday, May 27th and Friday, June 6th from 9a.m to 4p.m. The address is 2198 Riverside Ave Paso Robles, CA 93446. It’s the fairgrounds administration office and right now its not open on the weekends yet so its just weekdays for the drop off. You can ship your entries to save time. Same address for shipping.

      Yes, I would suggest entering your Mourvedre in class 34.

      Thanks for your participation and good luck!

  3. We entered wines on behalf of Fat Monk and Villa San-Juliette. The Fat Monk got sent to the wrong place so we are personally delivering it shortly – however, I just want to verify that the Villa San-Juliette Wines have been delivered. Let me know so I can get them all to you.


  4. They were planning on shipping them! I reached out to them and let them know that they have not showed up. We will get them shortly.


  5. Okay-

    The tasting room manager personally dropped off the Fat Monk wines yesterday. Can you please make sure you don’t have them as well as the Villa San-Juliette Wines that were previously sent?


  6. Hi, may I still enter today?

    Nancy Greenough Saucelito Canyon Vineyard

  7. What are the hours for dropoff for the 2016 Wine Comp? What are the details of the Industry Wine Tasting?

    • Elizabeth, Our office drop off hours are from 8-4:30, our information and judging details can be found at!

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