Tips from the Chief

You have entered the competition, waited patiently for the results and now the winery is all a buzz with winning a gold medal.  How can you take the thrill and transfer that energy into engaging customers or better yet increase sales?

We asked our Chief Judge, Tim McDonald of Wine Spoken Here to give us five easy ways to translate your results into award win068ning public relations.

How Best to Use Your Central Coast Wine Competition Results?

1) Spread the news! Share the results with your Club Members and former Club Members.

2) E Blast or post in your social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.  Be sure to tag the Central Coast Wine Competition so we can share your grand news.  Facebook Central Coast Wine Competition Twitter @CCWineComp Instagram ccwinecomp

3) Create signage in your tasting room and educate your employees to relay the big news with visitors.

4) Email your restaurant and off premise customers.

5) Create and print a bottle necker/shelf talker for your wholesaler & retail partners Coast to Coast.

There are many ways to effectively use your competition results to stimulate tasting room traffic and move product.  These are just a few we thought would kick start your creative marketing journey. Applauding accolades is key in the wine industry and we can’t wait to see the noise our winning wineries are going to make!

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