Congratulations to the first 10 wineries to enter the 2014 CCWC!

These 10 wineries have entered wines in the 2014 Competition! Check out their websites to find out more about their wines! Don’t be the last one, enter your wines today!


Hoyt Family Vineyards

St. Hilaire Vineyard & Winery

Cayucos Cellars

Wolff Vineyards

Bloomfield Vineyards

Marechal Vineyards

Brecon Estate

Chateau Lettau Winery

CRU Wine Company

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to the first 10 wineries to enter the 2014 CCWC!

  1. Upon entering our entries online we noticed the handbook and the online classes don’t match. Ex. In the handbook Class 19 is Cab Sauv, 2011 and online it is Cab Sauv 2010. Just thought you may want to know.

    John Viano

    1. John,
      Thank you very much for letting us know. The years go by so fast! We have made the correction within our system so both are the same.
      Thank you again for informing us on the error and also for your participation this year.
      Good luck!
      -The CCWC Team

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