The Central Coast Wine Competition has extended the deadline for competition entries to June 1, 2011. There are currently over 220 wineries entered in the competition, which is nearly double the number of wineries entered in the 201o competition. The competition staff and judges are very excited for the 2011 competition, which will take place June 15-16, and all of the new wineries and vintages entered.

The complete panel of 2011 judges include: Doug Frost – Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, Dan Berger – writer for Gourmet and Decanter magazines, Robert Whitley – syndicated columnist and wine radio personality, William Bloxsom-Carter – Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage at the Playboy Mansion, Laurie Daniel – journalist, Mike Dunne – food and wine columnist for The Sacramento Bee, Traci Dutton – Sommelier for Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant, Daryl Groom – Professional Winemaker, Joe Hart- winemaker, Hart Winery, Chris Hoel – Sommelier, The French Laundry, Ellen Landis – Wine Director and Sommelier at Landis Shores Oceanfront Inn, Ann Littlefield – international wine industry consultant, Mike Stepanovich – writer, Bakersfield Magazine, Dr. Valery Uhl – Chief Judge and Director of the “North of the Gate” Wine Competition, David Stevens- international winemaking consultant, Deborah Parker Wong- journalist, and Michael Cervin- writer for Santa Barbara News-Press. See the Judges page for complete biographis for each judge.

The ninth annual competition will feature several enhancements to the competition, including division of the blended wines classes and the creation of two Chardonnay classes to separate traditional oak and non oak Chardonnays. The competition has also expanded to include a display of wines at San Benito County Fair, allowing an increased quantity of Central Coast wines to be viewed by the public.

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