Goals and Objectives

The Central Coast Wine Competition is the largest wine evaluation event that recognizes wines produced exclusively from vinifera grown on the Central Coast regions of California.  This event promotes the excellent quality and diversity of commercial wineries and grape growers while recognizing the fastest growing wine regions in California.

The objectives of the Central Coast Wine Competition:
•    To offer a venue for California Central Coast wines to be professionally judged.
•    Provide information to wine consumers about the quality and style of wines that are currently being produced in the Central Coast area.
•    Help with the exposure of unknown or unrecognized wineries to the wine consumer.
•    Encourage competition between winemakers to improve quality practices throughout the wine regions of the Central Coast.
•    Expand the general knowledge and awareness of accomplished wineries in the Central Coast regions.
•    Provide an opportunity for the California Mid-State Fair, Monterey County Fair, Santa Barbara County Fair, and the Ventura County Fair to recognize the presence of the wine industry as an integral agricultural component of the community.

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