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The 7th annual Central Coast Olive Oil Competition, which is hosted by the California Mid-State Fair. It will take place in April 2016 and will feature over 150 olive oils produced in California.

The overall goal of the Central Coast Olive Oil Competition is to provide a venue for California olive oils to be professionally judged and to educate consumers regarding the quantity and styles of olive oil produced in California.

Olive oils are divided into extra virgin, flavored extra virgin, organic extra virgin, and flavored organic extra virgin olive oil and are separated into classes by varietal. The panel of competition judges evaluates each entry according to aroma, taste, and intensity ranging from delicate to robust.

Entries that earn medals will be showcased in Mission Square during the 2016 California Mid-State Fair which runs July 20 – July 31.

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2015 Results

2014 Results

2013 Results

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  1. When will we receive the award ribbons and the opportunity to buy the award stickers?

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